About RM


My name is Evie Maye and I'm the owner and creator of Rude Maye, my small studio based in the PNW! We focus on inclusion of all humans no matter the way of life, environmentally conscious products and giving back to the land/people were based on.

This all started back in 2016 after some rocky life circumstances.

I found myself with $4.56 to my name and some severe anxiety/self worth issues. I turned to art because I could do it inside, alone, and it made me happy! It was the only time I ever felt "normal". Turns out I'm Autistic and ADHD, go figure. Did you know Austitic people have an almost constant supply of DMT running through our veins? Explains a lot doesn't it. Great for art and creativity but can get in the way of mundane life tasks.  

I started selling the odd piece every now and again which after a few years, some serious healing, and support from others. It eventually turned into doing commissions for people and looking into making prints. However, I still wanted to find a way to give back and be environmentally conscious in this endeavor. 

So the answer to all those developments? Be my own boss, sell environmentally friendly products, and donate to a cause that's important to me! Is it a constant test of my abilities? Yes. Do I have 16 lists with sublists to make sure I don't forget anything? Oh yeah. But I'm finally, consistently happy and healthy for once in my life.

The name Rude Maye came from this all, as well. Between the ADHD/Autism and being an outspoken lady, I was often labeled as rude or unsavory when I wasn't trying to mask my true self, even when my intentions were well placed. Now I know I'm not a rude human, I specifically go out of my way to make sure kindness drives the bus as much as possible. Just like so many other women and marginalized groups get labeled rude or aggressive for trying to hold an ounce of space in this world. So the name is my way of taking the power out of those internal and external judgements and putting kindness in its place.

Bit of a paradox I suppose, but who doesn't love those!

No matter your color, culture, sexuality, or any way of identifying. This store and story welcome you. Please don't give up on your worth. I only passed high school by learning how to work the system, dropped out of college and had to reteach myself basic math skills I missed in elementary school at 18. But now I'm an Artist, owner of two businesses, a college graduate, part of the national honors society, a caretaker for a differently-abled family member, pet parent and most importantly happy :)