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Rude Maye

Watcher - Original Painting

Watcher - Original Painting

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Alright if you've ever wanted a painting where the eyes follow you, boy do I have the thing for you! It's this painting if you haven't realized yet. They currently live on the wall of my studio and can see everything I'm doing constantly, at first it kind of weirded me out but now I find their gaze homely and rather comforting. I wasn't going to sell the original painting at first just because its almost turned into its own entity in my space no different than my pet tarantulas. But! I feel it's time for them to go watch over someone else's space and offer the same comfort and companionship.

16x20 canvas, comes ready to hang with wire. For originals, I can frame them for you before I send them out, just leave me a message with:
-your name (whatever name is on the order)
-what color (usually black, white, wood, dark stained wood, etc)

The simple options listed above are included in the price. It might take me an extra week to frame it as well depending on what supplies I have on hand so prepare for that. I will give you a time estimate once the details are sorted so you're not guessing :)

10% goes to NARF in your name as well!

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